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…and everything he touched was turned into Gold… [Luis Hernandez Galvan]

A Journey into the Metaverse [Tutsy NAvArAthnA]

A Petrovsky flux [Toxic Menges]

A Woman’s Trial [Chantal Harvey]

Abstract Livecoded Machinima (Missile Command) [Dave Griffiths]

Across Town [Anima Technica]

Adaptation [Kent Sheely]

Against the City [Guilherme Alvarenga]

Alazi Sautereau [Osprey Therian]

Among Fables and Men [Tobias ‘Dopefish’ Lundmark]

Anna [Katherine Anna Kang]

Another Day of Depression in Kowloon [IP Yuk-Yiu]

Apocalypsis Ex Machina [CapKosmaty]

Arbalète [Yalrok]

As Aventuras de Paulo Bruscky [Gabriel Mascaro]

Aspect [Kent Sheely]



Before You Reach the Abyss [Joe Zazulak aka Spiral Silverstar]

Big Psomm 2 [Piotr Kopik]

Brief Encounter [Tom Jantol]

[borders:la rocca] [Mary Flanagan]



Cadence I [Baden Pailthorpe]

Calling the Maker [Tom Jantol]

Carmageddon Data-bending [Tim Drage]

Chevauchée Nocturne [Les Riches Douaniers]

Clockwise: Part 1 [Amorphous Blob Productions]

Clockwork [André Lopes aka spyVspy Aeon]

Clockwork [IceAxe]

Clockwork [Amorphous Blob Productions]

Control Point [Callous Productions]

Cradle and Trap [Lyric Lundquist]

Ctrl-Alt-Del [Lainy Voom]

Cyberspace is Vast [Lyric Lundquist]



Daddy is Home [James Thorpe]

Dagon – HP Lovecraft [Lainy Voom]

Danse Macabre [kibishpaul]

Dear Fairy [Tom Jantol]

Death in Venice [Chat Noir Studios]

Der Erlkönig [Cisko Vandeverre]

Der Handschuh [Cisko Vandeverre]

Desert III [Gregory Chatonsky]

Design [Vim Pickens]

Diary of a Camper [United Ranger Films]

Do Computers Dream of Electronic Sheep? [Benjamin Bardou]

Drone [Amorphous Blob Productions]

Duel (part) [Tom Jantol]



Embers [IceAxe]

Ending with Andre [Leo Berkeley]



Fabelmod (gLanzol) [Glaznost]

Fake Science [Dead on Que]

Fall [Lainy Voom]

Falling [Iono Allen]

Fears [Iono Allen]

Fluid in Blue [Joe Zazulak aka Spiral Silverstar]

Folie à Deux [Ammo Previz]

Forest of Scissors [Osprey Therian]

Formation (Difference and Repetition) [Baden Pailthorpe]

FOV01 [Marco Mendeni]

Fusion [Iono Allen]



Geometry Wars [Nicolas Boillot]

God’s gonna cut you down (Johnny Cash) [The Nonsense Studio]

Google Error [Marco Cadioli]

Gretchen and Teddy [Bryn Oh]



Hidden in Plain Sight [Gottfried Haider]

History [Henry Gwiazda]

Hyper Timelapse GTA5 (Crossroad of Realities) [Benoit Paillé]



I am not there, I did not die [Tom Jantol]

I’m not playing [Marco Mendeni]

I’m Too Busy To Date Your Avatar! [Pooky Media]

In Search of Art [SaveMe Oh]

Incubus [Chat Noir Studios]

Infectious [Henry Gwiazda]



Jill’s Song [Zachariah Scott]



Kamikaze [Les Riches Douaniers]

Knightshift [Anita Fontaine]

Kung-Fu Glitch [Entter e Goto80]



Lost in Counting [Rose Borchovski aka Saskia Boddeke]

Love Is Sometimes Colder Than Ice [BobE Schism]



Mad as Hell [Victor Morales]

Max_Miptex [Julian Oliver]

Mergulho [Ricardo Miyada]

Metabup [Johann Van Aerden & Nicolas Boone]

Metropolis: Part I-III [Chris Howlett]

Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator [Douglas Gayeton]

MooN [SlimGirlFat & spyVspy]

My Familiar Dream [Tutsy NAvArAthnA]

My Life as an Avatar 03-10 [Annie Ok]

My Life as an Avatar 04-08 [Annie Ok]

My Life as an Avatar 06-08 [Annie Ok]



9 (Nine) [CD Schulz]



Oh! To be invited to the Venice Biennale [Saveme Oh]

Operation Bayshield [Clan Undead]

Order in Chaos [CD Schulz]

Over Data [Marco Cadioli]

Ozymandias [Hugh Hancock]



Person2184 [Friedrich Kirschner]

Play in me [Saveme Oh]

Postcard [Lainy Voom]

Prometheus [Voom]

Psychosomatic rebuilders animation #002 [Piotr Kopik]

Psychosomatic rebuilders emoticons machinima [Piotr Kopik]

Push [Lainy Voom]



Quad God [Tritin Films]

Quake done Quick

Qubit and the Cognitive Distortion [André Lopes aka spyVspy Aeon]



r lightTweakSunlight Drone [Marco Mendeni]

Ready for Action [Kent Sheely]

Remember Me [Chat Noir Studios]

Requiem [Alan Angeluci]

Rockets (after Roman Signer) [Baden Pailthorpe]

r_lightTweakSunlight [Marco Mendeni]



Saving Grace [Sisch]

Selfish Gene [Tony Bannan aka ammopreviz]

She Puppet [Peggy Ahwesh]

Sideways Time [Lyric Lundquist]

6 Days [J. Joshua Diltz]

Spirit Claudia222 Jewell’s Installation on Art Screamer sim [Osprey Therian]

Stop, Rewind [Amorphous Blob Productions]

Super Mario Clouds [Cory Arcangel]



The 1K Project II [BlackShark]

The Black Chant [Hadji Ling Productions]

The Blue Planet [Voom]

The Chapelside Deception [IceAxe]

The Death of an Avatar [Liz Solo]

The Demise [Surgee]

The Four Gods of Folly [Vim Pickens]

The French Democracy [Alex Chan]

The Gift [Chat Noir Studios]

The Haunter of the Dark [Ricky Grove]

The Inevitability of Fate [Iono Allen]

The Infinite Walk [Jairo Gutiérrez Feut]

The Journey [Friedrich Kirschner]

The Lake [Stone Falcon Productions]

The Last Syllable of Recorded Time [Tutsy NAvArAthnA]

The Little Match Girl’s Revenge [Kibishpaul]

The Lonely Migrant [Les Riches Douaniers]

The Mask: a synchronicity [Jo Ellsmere, Pyewacket Kazyanenko & Kai Steamer]

The Melancholy of Resistance [Edward Folger]

The Monad [Sam Goldwater]

The Path [Bryn Oh]

The Photographer [Friedrich Kirschner]

The Plastic Garden [IP Yuk-Yiu]

The Remake [Tom Jantol]

The Ship [Egils Mednis]

The Story of Susa Bubble [Iono Allen]

The Water Horse [Toxic Menges]

The Well of Representation [Evan Meaney]

There’s No Place Like Home [Tutsy NAvArAthnA]

30 Seconds or More – One Animation a Day [Victor Morales]

Time Travelers Episode 4 – The Pattern [Pooky Media]

Tiny Nation [Kerria Seabrooke e Paul Jannicola]

To Each One his Own Dreams [Tutsy NAvArAthnA]

Transbup [Johann Van Aerden & Nicolas Boone]

Transient [Sisch]

Trichophagia [IceAxe]

True Life [Iono Allen]



Unheimliche [Olivier Delbos, Pierre Gaudillere, Audrey Le Roi, Jonathan Mutton e Thomas Van Lissum]


Valentina, Riflesso [Voom]

Vegetal Planet [Tutsy NAvArAthnA]

Venus: The Bringer of Peace [Victor Morales]

Very Few Good Men [Baden Pailthorpe]

Virtual Love [Iono Allen]

Virtual Marathon for Medical Research [BobE Schism]

Virtual Marathon for Medical Research (Full Race) [BobE Schism]

Virtual Reality in the Future [Osprey Therian]

Vogelstimmen [Victor Morales]

Voices [Pineapple Pictures]

Volavola [Berardo Carboni]



Wandering Dreamscape [Snowman]

War of Internet Addiction [Oil Tiger Machinima Team]

Watch the World(s) [Robbie Dingo]

What Remains [Alan Sondheim]

Why are we here? Red vs. Blue 1st Episode [Rooster Teeth]

Why is There Something? Part 5: Greek Myth / The Battle of the Gods [Rose Borchovski aka Saskia Boddeke]

Why is There Something? Part 6: Israel Myth, The punishment [Rose Borchovski aka Saskia Boddeke]

Wizard of OS: The Fish Incident [Tom Jantol]

Wulf and Eadwacer [Vim Pickens]